Meeting in Peace of Land community garden

The meeting was a continuation of our discussions that started in July 2020 in ROD Pratulińska in Warsaw where we invited gardeners from allotment and community gardens to … More

Halfway to the Shore

Beside the difficulties caused by the pandemic we happily managed went through the first phase of the project (scoping) and … More

ROD Sigma-Bartycka

After years of perturbation, Familly Allotment Garden (ROD) Sigma-Bartycka is alive again. The last 15 years of the garden have … More


Modraszka community garden was established in 2017 by a group of neighbours and young mothers in the area with already … More

ROD Pratulińska

The Pratulinska Familly Allotment Gardens are one of the few colonies founded in Warsaw in 1945, shortly after the Second … More