Guide to fostering cooperation for integrated forms of urban gardening

We are happy to share with you “Guide to fostering cooperation for integrated forms of urban gardening”!

This guide results from research that began in November 2019 and was led by a multidisciplinary understanding of the long tradition of urban gardens in Warsaw and Berlin. We explored the integration of the two types of gardens in both capitals. We had the opportunity to learn about different allotment and community gardens, attended meetings about urban gardening in Poland and Germany and organised meetings in the gardens. Through conversations with gardeners, activists, researchers, neighbours and administration, we were able to deepen our understanding of these topics based on the experiences and actions they take to create inclusive green spaces in the city.

The publication is a result of these observations, which would not have been possible without the involvement of gardeners, practitioners, administration and representatives of garden organisations.  

The guide has been prepared in three languages. Paper versions are in preparation and await distribution shortly.

Przewodnik po integracji ogrodów działkowych i społecznościowych
Integration von Klein-und Gemeinschaftsgärten – Ein Leitfaden

The publication was created within the “Integration of Allotment and Community Gardens in Warsaw and Berlin” project.

Anna Dańkowska, Agnieszka Dragon, Elena Ferrari

Graphic design:
Agnieszka Dybowska

Translation into German:
Malwina Szczypta

Translation into Polish:
Anna Dańkowska

Proof-reading of Polish:
Malwina Szczypta, Agnieszka Dragon

Proofreading of English:
Ian Maloy

Proofreading of German:
Agnes Przewozny

Annegret Haase, Dagmar Haase, Jakub Kronenberg

Financed by:
Deutsch-Polnische Wissenschaftsstiftung Polsko-Niemiecka Fundacja na rzecz Nauki

Warsaw-Berlin, 2021

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