Sign the petition to protect Am Stadtpark I allotments in Wilmersdorf

Block 1 in the colony Am Stadtpark I is in unsecure position due to the 2nd draft of the allotment garden development plan from 22 April 2020 (Kleingartenentwicklungsplans). Block 1 of the colony has 19 gardens located on 4255 m2 is designated as the building area school which is based on school construction plans for the extension of the Wangari-Maathai International School. The current building is located next to the area in use and, according to earlier plans, should move to Moabit.

“In the allotment garden development plan we demand the classification of all our state-owned colony areas in protection category 2 as “allotment gardens in need of permanent preservation and action”. In the 1st draft of the allotment garden development plan of January 2019 all state-owned areas were provided with long-term perspective until 2030″ – says Gabriele Gutzman from Am Stadtpark I board management.

Please sign the petition to protect Block I

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